Academic Learning Center


Certified Student Tutors work in the Academic Learning Center (ALC)
       helping fellow students grasp Math, Reading, and Writing concepts.


The Academic Learning Center (ALC) is located in Ferguson Hall Room 213 and is staffed by SRSU students. Tutors help students improve their academic skills, as well as other life and study skills, needed for success in higher education. The ALC's tutor training program is Level One certified by the College Reading and Learning Associations' International Tutor Training Program Certification (CRLA/ITTPC). All tutors have either gone through, or are currently in, the Level One training process. Tutors are available to help their fellow students in a variety of courses. The ALC attempts to have tutors in reading, writing, and math available at during all Center hours, though this is not always possible due to scheduling issues. Dependent on their own discipline specialties, tutors may be able to help in other academic areas such as the sciences and humanities. Students are encouraged to check the Tutor Wall tutor areas of specialization.
Please come back after August 24, 2015 for Fall 2015 schedule
***Tutoring is not always available in all disciplines at all times.***


ALC Policies

We want you to make use of the Academic Learning Center on a regular basis. Come early in the semester and come often. Don't wait until the last minute to see a tutor. Schedule regular visits to the ALC into your weekly calendar.
  1. When you come to the ALC bring your A#. You will use AccuTrack on the designated computer to check in and out of the Center.
  2. Be sure to sign the sign-in sheet so the tutors will know which student to help next.
  3. Always bring your assignment sheet and textbook with you to the ALC. The tutors can help you more easily if you share these items with them.
  4. Tutoring is offered on a walk-in basis. We do not make appointments. However, sometimes the ALC is very busy and in such situations we may have to limit your time with a tutor to 15 minutes. You are always welcome to sign back in for an additional session with a tutor.
  5. Feel free to sit together with other students who are in the ALC working on the same homework. If you sit at the same table, then one tutor can help all of you at the same time. In addition, you and your peers can provide help to each other.
  6. Fifteen minutes before the ALC closes, tutors will monitor the number of students still needing to be seen. If they are all working with students, then they will not allow any new students to sign in. The tutors need to be able to leave at closing time. Again, do not wait until the last minute to get help with your homework or to get a paper reviewed. 
  7. The tutors are here to help you master the materials. They will help you work through the process of figuring out how to handle a problem. They may not do the work for you. You need to keep a pencil or pen in your hand so that you are the one writing on your paper.
  8. We want you to feel comfortable in the ALC, but we also need to keep the noise level down so everyone can concentrate.
  9. If you need to answer your phone please step into the hallway. 
  10. The tutors will do their best to help you. However, they are not professors. If they are unsure of how to handle an aspect of your assignment, they will share this information with you. Should the tutors not be able to help you, please remember that your professor is another source of help.
  11. Tutoring is always free in the ALC!