Application Fee, Deposit and Contract Information

Application Fee and Housing Deposit

In order to request either a room or an apartment, you will need to have a current housing application on file. To complete the application process a non-refundable application fee of $50 must be submitted. All university housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis contingent upon the date of housing application and the application fee receipt. Housing applications cannot be processed without the application fee. The $200 deposits must remain on file at all times during occupancy or to reserve a space for an upcoming semester. These fees can be paid online with a credit card here.

Applying for Family and Efficiency Apartments

Submitting an application for the efficiency or family apartments does not guarantee a student an apartment. Residential Living maintains a waiting list for both efficiency and family apartments based on the date the application and application fee are received.  Please note that both the efficiency and family housing apartments are always in high demand and spaces are limited. We strongly recomend that students interested in these areas apply at their earliest convenience. Students can apply to live in the efficiency apartments before their 21st birthday, but must be 21 years old at the time of occupancy.

Due to the waiting list, it is recommended that students also apply for the residence halls as well to ensure that a space is reserved for them.  Students may contact Residential Living for updates on their status at any time.  We do not give out a student's numerical position on the wait list since it may not correlate to actual apartment availability and can change on a daily basis. Any student on the waiting list must also maintain their current contact information (email and phone number) with Residential Living at all times. Failure to do so may result in that student's name pushed to the bottom of the list if an apartment becomes available and we are unable to contact that student.

Deposit Refunds

The $50 applicant fee must be paid before the student moves into the residence hall. The $200 Housing Deposit must be paid prior to the first day of classes and may be included in the student's financial aid award. If you would like to pay in advance with a credit card please contact our Student Accounts Office. If the student does not occupy their on-campus residence as reserved, then the $50 application fee will be forfeited.  The additional $200 deposit may be refunded after reservations have been canceled in writing, from the Residential Living Office, by the following dates or the deposit is forfeited:

  • August 1 prior to the fall registration
  • December 15 prior to spring registration
  • May 1 prior to the first summer registration
  • June 1 prior to the second summer registration. 

Housing Contract and Depost Refund

All students entering for the fall & spring semesters must sign a Residential Living agreement for the entire academic year.  Students entering in the spring semester will sign a Residential Living agreement for the spring and summer sessions. Students who move out of Residential Living before the contracted time has lapsed and withdraw from the university will forfeit the $200 Housing Deposit and will be billed for any additional charges or damages costs to the room. Students who move out of Residential Living without proper authorization and remain enrolled in the university will not receive a refund of the deposit and all room, board and damage charges will remain on the student's account. Students who fulfill the year-long contract may request a refund of the Housing Deposit, less deductions for unnecessary wear and damage, at the completion of the required occupancy. All housing deposits must be requested within one year of move-out.  Any deposit not requested within one year of their final move out will be forfieted to the university.

Housing Cancellation

You must claim your reserved room or apartment prior to the first day of classes or your housing reservation will be canceled. If you will be arriving late, the reservation can be held if you notify the Office of Residential Living before classes begin. Any student who fails to claim their reserved space will be considered a "no show" and the housing deposit, and room assignment, will be forfeited.

Registered for Classes

All students must be registered for classes prior to August 1 during the fall semester or December 15 for the spring semster.  Failure to register for classed before these deadlines without notification igven to the Office of Residneital Living will be subject to having their housing assignment canceled for the semester.  Upon registeration, the student will be given an assignment based on their registeration date instead of their application date.