Cashiers Office Refund Policy


Please know that grants, loans and/or scholarships cannot be applied to a student’s account any more than 10 days prior to the beginning of the enrollment period.

You may check the status of your refund and/or view you billing statement online to determine if your award(s) have posted to your MySRSU account. Before logging onto your MySRSU Account, please clear your browsing history.

From, go to MySRSU and log in using your Lobo ID. Click on Student Dashboard, Student Services, Student Account Suite (Bill + Payment). This will bring you to the Welcome Page. Scroll all the way down to “Continue to Student Account Suite”. By reviewing your On-Demand Statement for the current semester, you will be able to determine:

  • If your grants, loans or scholarships have posted to your student account, AND/OR
  • If your refund check has been issuedand if so, its effective date.
  • Students are encouraged to enroll in E-Refunds.  By setting up an e-refund profile, your refund will be directly deposited to your account. You will receive an email confirmation once your E-refund is processed.
Setting up an E-Refund profile is easy!

To set up an e-refund profile follow these instructions:

Log in to your portal at MySRSU and go to Student Account Suite.

Select “Refunds”

Enroll in the two-step verification

Click ‘Set Up Account’ and enter banking information

Agree to the terms and conditions

If you do not sign up for E-Refunds, the Cashier’s Office will mail a refund check to your current mailing address.

To ensure that refund checks are processed and mailed in the most efficient and timely manner possible, please allow 3-5 business days before contacting the Cashier Office regarding the status of a refund. 

**Please make sure that all addresses are kept up-to-date to prevent any delay in receiving your refund check.**

Refund checks are only printed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you have been approved to receive grants, scholarships and/or loans, these funds will be electronically applied to your tuition and fee expenses (and on-campus room and board, if applicable). If there are any “excess funds” after grants and/or loans have paid the university account, a refund will be issued.

Students may be required to return all or a portion of a refund if withdrawing from the university, dropping a class(es), or if administratively withdrawn, or if voluntarily ceasing attendance at ALL of classes during any of the following periods:

  • On/before the official enrollment date (12th day for fall / spring semesters or 4th day for summer term(s));
  • During the withdrawal refund period (see Withdrawal Refund Policy on the Bursar/Cashier webpage);
  • Prior to completing more than 60% of the enrollment period.

Also, adjustments may be made to grants and/or loans for students who are “Instructor Dropped” from class(es).  Additionally, grants and/or loans will be totally cancelled for students who invalidate registration or never attend ANY of their classes.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at (432) 837-8050 or e-mail for additional details.