THEA is designed to provide information about the reading, mathematics and writing skills of students applying to educator-preparation programs in public and private institutions. The SRSU Testing Center offers the THEA by appointment.  Testers are given 4 hours to complete the internet-based test.  Bring two forms of identification, one with a recent photo.  THEA may not be retaken within 14 days.

The fee is $44.  ($29 debit or credit card payable to THEA Pearson Evaluation Systems, and $15 check/cash/mo to Testing Services)  Testers will need to show a photo ID before testing.

Testers create an account at THEA site, you pay the $29 at this site and receive a testing number, which you input on the computer screen for testing.

Visit UC-211 B or call (432) 837-8357 for more information or to register for the test.