The Homecoming Committee is sponsoring an Office and Door decorating competition as an opportunity for faculty and staff to get involved in the Homecoming Festivities! Each department is allowed to enter in the competition.


  1. Do not use materials that will damage doors, office walls, or lobby areas.
  2. No nails, tacks, or staples may be put into the doors and all adhesives used must be fully removable.
  3. Door handles MUST remain visible and operational. Office/door decorations may not impede the usage of the office or door, compromise ADA compliance, or pose a safety hazard. Decorations must be fire retardant.
  4. No glitter, confetti, or other small particulate items may be used.
  5. Nothing that makes noise or requires the use of electricity may be used.
  6. The members of the Homecoming Committee will not be responsible for loss, theft, or damage of office/door decorations.
  7. Any entries containing material deemed offensive by the judging committee will be immediately disqualified and the department will be asked to remove the decorations. These will not be judged.
  8. All participants will be respectful of other entries, and will behave appropriately. Any group/organization caught damaging or defacing another entry will be disqualified and barred from future participation.
  9. You may only enter office or door, you may not enter both.



  • Sul Ross Lobo Spirit
  • Originality/Creativity
  • Overall appearance and quality of work

Contest judging will be between the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. All Doors and Offices must be decorated before 9:00 AM on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 in order to be judged. Contest winner(s) will be announced on Thursday, October 24th afternoon via email. You must enter to win.  For any questions or concerns, email Rocio at  Have fun!


Prizes Gift Certificates from the CAMPUS BOOKSTORE as follows:

$100-1st Place| $75-2nd Place | $50-3rd Place.