Information for New Residents

Contained on this page is information that you will need to know as a prospective student. Please be sure you have read and understood the information on this page, reviewed the List of Things to Bring/Not Bring, and checked your University email before arriving at Sul Ross.

After Submitting an Application

Once an application has been submitted, Residential Living staff will verify the application fee has been paid. If the application payment has been received, the application will be approved and a pending assignment will be created.  If the application fee hasn’t been received, the application will remain in submitted status (non-paid) until the payment is received.

Choosing a roommate using the Online System

Please note: BOTH roommates must have an approved application (completed application, processed $50 application fee, and meet eligibility) before they can select each other as roommates. If one or both is/are not in “approved” status, the Roommate Request Code will not work.

If you choose to request a particular roommate during the application process, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Log into the student portal on the Application page.
  2. From the home screen, click on the “Roommates” tab at the top of the page.
  3. Select the appropriate term.
  4. If you know exactly who you want to request as a roommate, you can enter their roommate code under “Find Someone You Know.” In order to request a particular student, you must get that student’s roommate code. Once you’ve entered their code, you can edit the message and send the request. That is all you will need to do. In order for the request to be complete, the person you’ve requested must accept the invite (similar to a Facebook request). Your code, which you will give your prospective roommate, can be found by clicking on the “Roommate” tab of the housing software and looking on the top right part of this page.
  5. If you do not know a specific person with whom you would like to room with, you may search for a profile that matches characteristics you would like to have in a roommate. You can search the various profiles of submitted applications and send a roommate request to that student. When adding filters, consider your number one priority. The more filters you use, the fewer profiles will be found. In order for the roommate request to be complete, the person you’ve requested must accept the invite.
  6. If you do not want to browse profiles, you will be assigned randomly based on identified gender.

Overflow or Triple Rooms

All interested students who apply will be assigned a bed space even if overflow housing is implemented. Students assigned to overflow housing will be assigned to triple rooms in the Lobo Villages on the first and second floor as dictated by space requirements. A student who chooses or is assigned a unit on the 1st or 2nd floor will be assigned to a Lobo Village unit where 1 out of 2 bedrooms (e.g. the “B” bedroom space) will have a triple assignment. A compensation plan for all students in a triple assignment can be found here.

Lobo Pack and Efficiency Apartments

Applying for Apartments

Submitting an application for the Efficiency or Lobo Pack Apartments does not guarantee a student an apartment. Residential Living maintains a waiting list for all apartments based on the date the application and application fee are received. Please note that the Efficiency and Lobo Pack Apartments are always in high demand, have a high occupancy rate year-round and spaces are limited. We strongly recommend students interested in these areas apply as soon as possible (usually a semester or two in advance of when they desire to live in these community).

Qualifications to live in an apartment

Students can apply to live in the Efficiency Apartments before their 21st birthday/junior year, but must be 21 years old or junior level status at time of occupancy.

Students who meet one of the following guidelines will be permitted to reside in Lobo Pack Housing Apartments:

  • Enrolled Junior level status
    • No more than 2 students may reside in each unit
    • or
  • Enrolled student who is 21+ years of age or older
    • No more than 2 students may reside in each unit
    • or
  • Enrolled student residing with their partner
    • No more than 2 adults may reside in each unit
    • or
  • Enrolled student residing with their partner and/or children
    • No more than 2 adults may reside in each unit
    • All children must have a birth certificate or legal guardianship paperwork attached to the application at time of submission*
  • Enrolled student of junior level status or 21+ years of age and their adult family member

All non-students residing in the unit must have a copy of an official ID (State ID, driver’s license, or passport) attached to the application before an assignment can be processed as documentation for background check purposes.
Any occupant placed on the contract to live in a Lobo Pack apartment, regardless of current student status, must not owe money to the University.
*Please contact the Office of Residential Living or see contract for number/ages of children who are permitted to reside in Lobo Pack Housing per Fire Marshal standards.

Wait Lists

A student’s numerical waitlist position will not be provided by Residential Living because it may not correlate to actual apartment availability and may change on a regular basis. Any student on the waitlist must also maintain their current contact information (email and phone number) with Residential Living at all times. Failure to do so may result in that student’s name being moved to the bottom of the waitlist if an apartment becomes available and we are unable to contact that student. If offered an apartment, a student must accept or decline the opening in writing via email to within 2 business days. If there is no response from the student, Residential Living will assume the student has declined/is not interested and offer the opening to the next available student on the waitlist.

To remian on the waiting list, students must be currently registered for classes. Priority in placement will be given to families.