Housing Agreements - 2023/2024

An electronic copy of the housing agreement is kept online in our Residence software. No paper copies are available. To view your contract please log in here.

Inventory Forms

These forms need to be completed by the student and returned to Residential Living at time of check-in or within 2 business days of checking into housing (as instructed by staff). Any damages and/or cleaning issues not listed on this form could result in a student being billed for cleaning/repair.

Housing Exemption Request Form

The purpose of this Housing Exemption Request Form is specifically for students who are required to live on-campus and fulfill the 2-years live-on requirement. Click here to read more about the residency requirement.

Submit the Housing Exemption Request Form to, along with all required documentation listed, to request to live off-campus.  The form cannot be processed unless all of the required information is submitted.

All housing exemption request and supporting documents must be submitted by July 31st (for the following Fall term) or by November 30th (for the following Spring term). A new exemption request form must be submitted after each approved period. All appeals regarding housing exemption denials must be submitted no later than 5 days after a decision is provided by the Office of Residential Living.

The University reserves the right to deny any off-campus appeals. Failure to comply with Residential Living requirements may result in disciplinary action, which may include a complete charge for room and meal plan.

Meal Plan Exemption Form

Sul Ross State University Residential Living supports all residents in having a positive residential experience. Part of the residential experience is participation in the dining services provided by Aramark. Therefore, all residents living in the residence halls at Sul Ross State University are required to have a meal plan. Aramark is committed to offering students varied menus that fit their dietary needs. Please fill out the Meal Plan exemption form and submit it to no later than one week before the 1st official day of classes. All appeals regarding meal plan exemption denials must be submitted no later than 5 days after a decision is provided by the Office of Residential Living.

Other Forms and Information

  • Assistance Animal Application: No animals are permitted in Residential Living with the exception of approved service or assistance animals and fish in a ten gallon aquarium or smaller. The Assistance Animal Application must be approved by the Director of Residential Living before an animal is allowed on-campus. Residents found with unapproved animals will incur a $400 fine per incident.
  • Room, Building and Roommate Change Request: These can be submitted beginning the 10th day of class each semester. Please complete in full and submit to Over assignments (“Triples” or “C” bedroom) will be placed in permanent assignments before other non-emergency changes are considered. As a reminder, this form is a request, not a guaranteed change.