Residential Living hires students in various capacities to assist with promoting a safe living environment and cultivating a thriving community within Residential Living facilities. In the residence halls, there are student staff members living on each floor. In the efficiency and Lobo Pack apartments, we have a staff member living in each building/community. There are also maintenance and office staff who carry out assignments within both the main office and Residential Living facilities.
Due to these being student staff positions, every effort is made to accommodate student employees’ academic schedules as academic goals come first.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

Resident Assistants are student staff members who assume major responsibilities in a residence hall or apartment community. These responsibilities include cultivating a safe environment conducive to secure living, academic excellence, and personal growth.
As part of their roles, RAs serve as mentors for on-campus residents, which include enforcing policies outlined by Residential Living and the University. As student staff, RAs plan activities and educational programs for residents to build community and provide valuable resources for residents.

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Office Assistants (OAs)

Office Assistants are students who assist with various responsibilities within the Office of Residential Living. OAs can be employed for up to 15-20 hours per week (dependent on the semester) and help with standard office tasks such as: answering phones, filing, organizing, and other duties as directed by the full-time administrative staff.

Maintenance Assistants (MAs)

Maintenance Assistants (MAs) are students who help out mainly in Residential Living facilities and in storage areas. Some of the MA responsibilities include: completing minor maintenance/custodial work, lifting and carrying equipment, inventorying supplies, and accompanying Physical Plant staff on work orders.

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