Recruitment Efforts

Potential students must be continuously reminded of what SRSU has to offer.

SRSU will aim for multiple high-touch, creative strategies to match potential students to the programs that will most benefit each of them.

  • Re-engage with in-person recruitment activities in the El Paso and Southern New Mexico markets
  • Hire regional recruiters in El Paso, Midland/Odessa and in the Middle Rio Grande region
  • Utilize dual credit and guided pathways within Harmony ISD in El Paso.

We will make efforts to involve regional middle and high school students in campus activities, particularly during the summer months, in camps focused on athletics, arts, music and STEM.

SRSU recruiters will continue to travel to meet in person with counselors and students in area high schools and at college fairs throughout West Texas and beyond, and we will create an incentive-based compensation model for success.

We will recruit in alignment with our mission as a Hispanic Service Institution and for serving First Generation students in the U.S./Mexico borderlands, the Southwest Texas region and beyond.

Brand Awareness

SRSU is engaged in targeted digital advertising that brings potential undergraduate and graduate students to our front door. Phase I of this project focused on the El Paso and Rio Grande College market areas and resulted in over 5 million views and over 95,000 clicks.

Traditional cable is also being utilized in the Midland/Odessa and RGC area markets, particularly during major sporting events.

Future phases include the possibilities of San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, and will be guided by funding, data and the success rate of earlier phases.

Sul Ross State has also contracted with a marketing firm to develop a year-long strategy to target potential students using mainstream media, including Social Media, print/publishing and broadcast efforts. They will meet with community members, students and faculty/staff representatives so that stakeholders have a voice in the Sul Ross story.

Using our brand and logo correctly and cohesively to maximize the return on our message is imperative. The Communications and Marketing office is leading the way and is available to provide assistance. Branding guidelines have been updated to reflect the most current information and are available to the campus community here.

The Right Fit

SRSU will assess students’ strengths and interests to ensure they are matched with the right degree program and provide guidance and information about their choices to help them understand how they can achieve individualized success.

We will mentor and monitor and provide our students with feedback and support to help them stay on track.

A considerable number – over 800 – of the students at Sul Ross State are First Generation. By finishing their degree, First Gen students increase their earning potential and social mobility, invest in their personal growth and development and create networking opportunities. College provides them with a pathway to a bright future and helps to level the playing field for those who may not have had access to educational and professional opportunities in the past.

Sul Ross State University is a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution, receiving federal funding to support programs and initiatives that promote academic success and access to Higher Education for Hispanic students, who make up the majority of our population, and are often First Generation and from low-income families. By serving and supporting Hispanic students, HSI’s play a critical role in increasing educational attainment and promoting social mobility in communities with large Hispanic populations.