Greetings Lobos (and Lobo Enthusiasts)!

On October 01, 2020, the Department of Education funded a grant for bolstering and expanding resources intended to directly impact student experiences and retention.  This resulted in the sudden realization of the Frontier Student Experience originally conceptualized and in discussion many years ago.  We are excited by current prospects made possible by the generous funding of this Title V program Grant.

The two main goals of the activity are to (1) maximize undergraduate student retention and (2) create opportunities for advanced Professional Faculty Development.  The activity will be realized in the following ways across all of the SRSU campuses:

* Create new, undergraduate centric programs and experiences to maximize student success.

* Create new, program-specializing Academic Advisor positions on the Alpine Campus

* Create new piloted Writing Centers in Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Uvalde Campuses.

* Establish a Faculty Development Center on the Alpine Campus.

In order to achieve these goals, grant personnel and campus experts will be working together with the LOBO DEN, Student Services, and the Office for Professional Development.