The Academic Computer Resource Center building was constructed in 1926-1928 at a cost of $35,000 and called the Lobo Gym. The state provided $20,000 in construction funds, and the people of Alpine came up with the additional $15,000.

This gym was equipped for basketball, wrestling, tumbling, handball and volleyball. Later, when Graves-Pierce Gymnasium was constructed on the back side of the campus, the building became the Women’s Lobo Gym. The wings on each side were added in 1945.

The building has Roman arch windows, Stonehenge gates over the doors and Greek key decoration on the main-entrance borders. Above the main entrance is a frieze celebrating women in sports.

This building was renovated in 1990 for use as the computer center. Computer labs are located on each floor. In addition, the building contains the Computer Science and Mathematics departmental offices, tutorial areas and classrooms.

Academic Computer Resource Building
Building Code: ACR