Academic Advising

The academic advisement program is, in many ways, the most important service provided to students by the University. Expert advisement helps entering students begin their college work properly, make systematic progress toward fulfilling requirements for a degree as they progress from semester to semester, ensure they will be eligible for graduation upon satisfactory completion of the requirements, and assist them in making career choices.

Our professional staff help meet the academic advising needs of students at the University.  Please see the list below for the Administrative staff for your respective campus.

Del Rio Karla Flores 830.703.4821
Eagle Pass Alejandra Maldonado 830.758.5038
Uvalde Jazell Diaz 830.279.3002

or send an email to

Peer Tutor Program

Mission: The peer tutoring Writing Center is committed to supporting student efforts to improve comprehensive writing skills. We promote success in student writing which will aid the student in their quest to: 1) enter the job market, 2) succeed in their academic programs, 3) pursue their professional and personal goals.

Our ultimate goal is that every student who visits the Writing Center exhibits improved writing skills when they leave, and that repeat visits to the Writing Center promote a cumulative, positive effect on student writing skills.

We collaborate with Southwest Texas Junior College’s Student Success Center to promote this goal.

Southwest Texas Junior College Writing Center