Office of University Communications

The Office of University Communications is a combination of the Director of Communications and the Director of Sports Information to provide a comprehensive Public Relations front for Sul Ross State University.

The office of University Communications is here to provide assistance and direction in the following areas:

  • Marketing: Branding the university in a cohesive, unified front through the creation of quality content for both the academic and sports aspects of the University.
  • Social Media: Management over the main social media platforms on both the university side and sports side.
    • Collaborate and design strategies for social media engagement for all aspects of the University. Both through graphic design and video creation.
    • Promote university events and stories to generate exposure for both enrollment recruiting, current students, and Alumni through the website, social media, and email correspondence.
    • Assisting with promotion for Departments, Committees, Student Organizations, and University events.
  • Video and Graphic Design: Quality production of video and graphic materials related to the University.
    • In-house production of high-end promotional materials to showcase the University.
  • Branding Quality Checks: Assisting with quality checks of any university messaging to ensure that all communications are utilizing up to date branding of the University.
  • Sports: Providing athletics content via live stream and social media platforms. From live games to feature videos, stories, graphics, and more.
  • Employment: The Office of University Communications is actively seeking students interested in the fields of public relations, writing, graphic/video editing, live sports and event production, on-camera performance, and much more.
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External Media

Our communications team is happy to help any external entity’s requests for interviews, stories, press releases, or other items.


SRSU Style and Branding Guidelines

Any faculty or staff looking for guidelines or help on developing or creating content, or branding guidelines should get input from University Communications.