What is a QEP Navigator?

A Navigator is a faculty member who volunteers to infuse QEP SLOs in a course.

For communication skills to be improved among students, volunteer faculty will redesign an existing course to incorporate the QEP Student Learning Outcome (SLO). Faculty who wish to be Navigators will apply through the QEP Executive Committee.

The QEP goal is to have up to four Navigators from each college each academic year teach Mapped Classes. Faculty Guides will serve as mentors to Navigator faculty members.

Faculty Navigator Application

All Navigators will be required to participate in professional development regarding instructional strategies to promote communication skills and assessment measures and evaluation of student performance. Faculty will participate in Learning Community professional development to share their assignments and assessment results.

Navigators will receive a $1000 stipend with a stipulation that they must continue to offer the Mapped Course for five years, even if the faculty volunteer in year four of the QEP, as this promotes sustainability of our QEP beyond the initial five years. Once a Navigator agrees to implement the communication SLO in his/her course, he/she will continue to implement the revised course and collect data each ensuing year and participate in all QEP professional development.

What is a Mapped Course?

Mapped Course Syllabus Template

A Mapped Course is a class infused with communication skills. All Mapped Courses will follow a syllabus template that clearly spells out expectations of the QEP.

QEP Cardinal Rubric

Cardinal Rubric

At the core of our effort to assess student learning is the adoption of a single Cardinal Rubric. This rubric, created by the QEP SLOs and Assessment Committee, with input from Faculty Guides and Navigators, was influenced by the Association of American Colleges and Universities Oral Communication VALUE Rubric and others. Through the adoption of one revised Cardinal Rubric, our QEP provides a common standard and framework to align faculty assessment of student work.