Distinguished Alumni & Outstanding Service

Thank you for submitting your nomination(s) for the 2024 Distinguished Alumnus and Outstanding Service!

Please complete the nomination form below. Required fields include award category, nominee’s name, your contact information and rationale for recommending the nominee.  If you are missing demographic information for a nominee, you will still be able to submit the form.  We can help research missing information. However, please note that the recommendation and supporting documents that you submit will provide the basis for the committees’ selection of final candidates.

Honorees are recognized at an annual Hall of Honor event in Alpine, Texas.  Additional information about the event, as well as awards criteria may be found HERE

Note that nominations of individuals not selected are retained and reviewed for three consecutive years (three award cycles).

To submit a nomination by surface mail, complete and print the form provided and send it with supporting materials to: SRSU Office of Alumni

Relations, Box C-187, Alpine, TX 79832.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 432-837-8697 or Thanks again!

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