Online Ordering Services

Printed hard copy transcripts, electronic transcripts, and FedEx delivery service are all available online through Credentials Solutions, Inc.

If you have your LoboOnLine credentials (A number and PIN), order by logging in to LoboOnLine. This allows you to avoid completing the Signature Authorization form:

  1.  Log into LoboOnLine.
  2. Select Student tab.
  3. Select Student Records.
  4. Select the Order Official Transcript link – this redirects you to Credentials Solutions, Inc.
  5. Follow the provided instructions to complete your order.

If you are not able to log in to LoboOnLine (don’t know your A number/PIN, never had one):
1. Use Credentials Solutions, Inc. to place your order.
2. Follow the provided instructions to complete your order.
3. Use a mouse or touch screen to complete the authorization process.

When placing an order online, we recommend using Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari web browsers. The pop-up blocker may need to be disabled in order to access the order page.

Federal Express delivery is only available when placing an online order. E-Transcript and First Class mail delivery is also available. Credit or debit cards are accepted for payment.

Free Transcripts

A Publications and Records fee was approved and assessed to all students beginning in the fall 2004 term. If you attended Sul Ross fall 2004 or later, you paid this fee and are entitiled to two free paper transcripts per term in which the fee was paid. You must request your free transcript(s) in writing using the paper transcript request form. There are no “rush” options available for free paper transcripts. Processing and delivery via USPS may take up to two weeks. If you attended prior to fall 2004, you did not pay the fee and are not entitled to free transcripts. Please use order through Credentials Solutions, Inc.

Free paper transcripts are printed in either Alpine or Eagle Pass. Paper transcripts can be given to the student (valid photo ID required) or delivered by First Class mail. Federal Express delivery is only available when placing an online order through Credentials Solutions, Inc. Students are responsible for providing the correct delivery address.

In Person Requests (valid photo ID required)

1.  Log on to LoboOnLine (Banner Self-Service)

  • User ID: (Letter A + 8 digits)
  • PIN

If you do not know your A number and PIN, contact the Help Desk at (432) 837-8888. Additional information about accounts can be found here: OIT Online Accounts

2.  Click on “Student” tab, then “Student Records”, then “View Your Academic Transcript.” (Note: if you have a transcript hold, you will not be able to view your unofficial transcript online or request an official transcript.)

3.  Choose Transcript Level and Transcript Type then submit (the default level and type will work.)

NOTE: If you attended prior to summer 1999, your records are not available to view online. You may still order an OFFICIAL transcript online with Credentials Solutions, Inc. Allow additonal time for such requests as hard copy records must be uploaded to Credentails Solutions, Inc. each time you make a request.


It is the policy of Sul Ross State University not to mail grades to students. Grades are available to students online. As faculty post their grades to the university computer system, they are displayed on each student’s record via Banner Self Service. Students may print a grade report and/or an unofficial transcript from Banner Self Service. Mid-term grades are reported for undergraduate students and are for progress reporting purposes only. Mid-term grades are not recorded on the student’s permanent record. See Grading Polices for more information on final grades and other grading policies.


The cumulative grade point average shown on a grade report, SRSU transcript and Banner web screens reflects work done at SRSU and any transfer credit a student has earned. University policy requires for graduation honors, athletic eligibility and satisfactory academic progress, the cumulative grade point average include all work done from any college or university a student has attended.


  • Credit Hours – the hours assigned to a course, this number is listed in both the schedule of classes and the catalog and is usually 1 to 6 hours.
  • Quality Points – number of credit hours for a course times the grade value.
  • A = 4 points
  • B = 3 points
  • C = 2 points
  • D = 1 point
  • F = 0 points
  • Attempted Hours – all credit hours attempted for which you earn a grade, including I, CR, NG, PR, and W; note: WF is the same grade as an F and counts in attempted hours.
  • Earned Hours – credit hours that a student passed with a grade of D or higher.
  • GPA Hours – credit hours for which you earn a grade, excluding I, CR, NG, PR, and W
  • Repeat – when a course in which a student received a substandard grade is repeated, beyond the redlining of a course limit, all non-redline attempts of the course are counted in the GPA, regardless of the grade earned in the course.


  1. For standard GPA calculation, multiply the grade value of the course by the semester hours for that course. The product of this multiplication will be the quality points.
  2. Divide the semester quality points by the semester GPA hours.


Standard Cumulative GPA Calculation

  1. Total all the hours attempted from all the schools you have ever attended.
  2. Multiply the grade value of the course by the semester hours for that course from all the schools you have ever attended. The product of this multiplication will be the cumulative quality points.
  3. Divide the cumulative quality points by the cumulative GPA hours.

Repeated Courses & GPA Calculation If you repeat a course, SRSU policy is to use the grade from the last time the course was taken, provided you did not drop the course with a grade of W.

  1. Subtract the number of hours you are repeating (see definition above) from the total GPA hours for all semesters.
  2. Subtract the quality points you earned (if any) for the courses you are repeating from the total number of quality points earned for all semesters.
  3. Divide the new total quality points by the new total GPA hours for the corrected GPA.

Converting Semester Hours to Quarter Hours

  1. Multiply the total number of GPA hours by 1.5.
  2. Multiply the total number of quality points by 1.5
  3. Follow the above step-by-step directions.

Converting Quarter Hours to Semester Hours

  1. Multiply the total number of GPA hours by .667
  2. Multiply the total number of quality points by .667
  3. Follow the above step-by-step directions.


The quickest way to raise a grade point average is to repeat courses that were failed. Consider the following: Question: How long will it take to bring my GPA up to a 2.0? Solution: If the present GPA is G and the number of attempted hours is N and if the additional hours will be with a GPA of P, then use this mathematical formula: [(2.00 – G) / (P – 2.00)] x N = the number of additional hours required to reach a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 Example: Suppose your present GPA is 1.22 and you have 32 semester GPA hours. How many additional semester hours must be taken with a grade of B to bring your GPA up to a 2.00? Solution: G = 1.22 N = 32 P = 3.00 (B)

[(2.00 -1.22) / (3.00 -2.00)] x 32 =

(0.78 / 1.00) x 32 =

= 24.96

So, you would need to complete 25 semester hours with a grade of B in each class. If you want to do it faster, look at what is needed for a grade of A in each course. Solution: G = 1.22 N = 32 P = 4.00 (A)

[(2.00 – 1.22) / (4.00 – 2.00)] x 32 =

(0.78/2.00) x 32 =

= 12.48

A total of 13 semester hours with an A in each class would be needed to get the GPA up to a 2.0. The quickest way to raise the grade point average is to repeat a course that was failed.