Before Registration

  • Apply to Sul Ross and be admitted.
  • Register for and attend orientation (new undergraduates only).
  • Make sure any holds are cleared.
    • Holds on a student’s record will be listed in LoboOnLine (Banner Self-Service) and may be for any number for reasons, including academic or disciplinary suspension; unpaid parking tickets, library fines or other fees; building keys that need to be returned; loan program defaults; a missing transcript; the need to attend orientation; and the need to meet with an advisor.
    • To view holds, log in to LoboOnLine, select Student, then Student Records, then “View Holds on Your Records”.

During Registration

Undergraduates must meet with an advisor for approval of course selection. Depending upon your current status, you will be advised either through the Lobo Den or through your major department. Log into LoboOnLine to view holds and determine where you must go for advising. Your advisor will clear the advising hold and assist you with registration through LoboOnLine (Banner Self-Service).

Graduate and post-baccalaureate students are not required to meet with an advisor in order to register, but are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor before registration to ensure appropriate courses are chosen. See the LoboOnLine Registration Instructions for detailed instructions on how to register online. Online registration cannot be used for courses that require enrollment permits.

New undergraduates register during orientation. Students not admitted into Sul Ross before the end of the registration period should contact the Center for Enrollment Services.

Students who alter or ignore any recommendations or requirements placed on their class schedule by an advisor or other university representative may find their registration has been canceled. If students choose not to follow the recommended degree plan or the advisor’s recommendations, the university is not responsible for courses that were not taken in proper sequence or the student’s failure to complete graduation requirements in a timely manner.

Dropping and adding classes: Schedule changes can be made at any time throughout the registration period. Undergraduates must see their advisors to make schedule changes; graduate and post-baccalaureate students may make schedule changes online through the end of late registration.

Students who add a course to their schedule must pay the additional tuition and fees by the payment deadlines.

Drops after the end of the registration period are handled differently.
See Schedule Changes & Withdrawals for details.

After Registration

  • Make sure all tuition and fees are paid or that payment arrangements have been made before the first day of class. See The Cashiers Office for deadlines, options and other details. Students who register in Banner and decide not to attend must notify the university in writing before classes begin; see Withdrawal From ALL Classes. The online registration system will not allow the drop of the last class, which is considered a withdrawal.
  • Purchase any textbooks and materials needed for classes. Books may be purchased online through the University Bookstore.
  • Have a student ID card made if needed.
  • Obtain a parking permit if needed.
  • Check your Sul Ross e-mail account access. All official university communications by e-mail will be sent to this account. The university begins creating student e-mail accounts for new registered students about 30 days before the beginning of a term. New accounts are normally created within 72 hours after registration in the days leading up to a new term. Continuing students will use the e-mail account created for them previously. See the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Online Accounts page for e-mail access information.
  • Contact instructors of any courses being taken through Blackboard; contact information for full-time faculty is in the university directory. Failure to make initial contact may result in your registration in a web based course being canceled. See the OIT Online Accounts page and the Blackboard page for Blackboard access information.