Adds and Drops

Graduate and post-baccalaureate students may add or drop classes using LoboOnLine (Banner Self Service) through the end of late registration.  One or more courses (but not all) may be dropped. (Dropping all classes constitutes a withdrawal from the University and must be processed as described HERE.)

Undergraduates must return to their advisor to make schedule changes through late registration.  The advisor may assist you in making the change through LoboOnLine.  Either option requires you to see your advisor.  You may not drop all classes. (Dropping all classes constitutes a withdrawal from the University and must be processed as described below.)

For those at distance that are unable to come to campus for the necessary signatures, the E-mail Request Process may be used.

E-Mail Request for Schedule Changes

During the late registration period, changes to your schedule may be made online through LoboOnLine (Banner Self Service).  Graduate and post-baccalaureate students may make changes themselves in LoboOnLine.  Undergraduates must meet with the appropriate advisor. However, if you are unable to come to Alpine to obtain the necessary signature from your advisor and submit the form to the Office of the Registrar, Briscoe Administration Building, Room 104, you may utilize the following e-mail process:

  1. Send an e-mail request to your advisor detailing the course(s) that should be dropped and/or added. Be sure to include your A number abd the course CRN(s).
  2. Ask the advisor to forward this request to with approval to make the requested changes.
  3. Check your schedule in LoboOnLine to ensure the changes were made (allow 48 hours for changes to be made).

If after 48 hours you do not see the requested changes in LoboOnLine, contact your advisor.

During the late registration period: An addition of hours to any current course load will increase the bill.  There is no charge for dropping a course after classes begin. A complete withdrawal after classes begin does incur a financial obligation. See Refunds and Obligation to Repay Funds below.

After Late Registration: All drops after late registration ends must be processed using the online drop form or at the Office of the Registrar, Briscoe Administration Building, Room 104, between the hours of 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Students may drop classes through last day to drop/withdraw from the university listed in the official academic calendar. A student will not be allowed to drop a course after these dates. Additional information can be found in the SRSU Catalog and the Student Handbook. For more about drop/adds, call Alice Bustos at (432) 837-8713. For 12th/fourth class day dates, see the official SRSU Academic Calendar.

After the 12th Class DayCourses dropped after the 12th class day in a fall or spring semester or the 4th class day in a summer semester will be assigned a grade of a “W”.  Be advised that students that begin an undergraduate program in 2007 or thereafter are subject to the six drop rule.  See Six Drop Limit Policy for more information.

Withdrawing From All Classes or Your Only Class

Students dropping all of their course load during any semester, even if it is just one course, are withdrawing from the university. Please visit the Withdrawal from ALL Classes page for instructions.

Refunds for dropped courses and withdrawals are made according to the refund schedule.

Registering for courses over the Internet (LoboOnLine), via e-mail, by phone, by mail or in person creates a financial obligation to Sul Ross State University.

Withdrawal from the university or termination of attendance after the term begins obligates a student to all or partial payment of tuition and fees, possible repayment of federal or state financial aid, loss of scholarship funds, or overpayment of veteran education benefits.

Notification of a student’s financial obligations may not be determined until after the student has ceased enrollment.