• If you are an International Student, dropping a course may place your F-1 Student status at risk.
  • Have you talked to your instructor about dropping the course? Perhaps you aren’t doing as badly as you think.
  • See your advisor. Is this course a pre-requisiste for another course you need later? Will dropping this course delay your graduation plans?
  • Is the course you want to drop going to be offered again when you need it? Some courses are only offered one semester a year. Some are offered only once every other year. It may be two years before you can re-enroll in this course.
  • Will dropping this course affect your financial aid status? Your deferred loan? Other financial arrangement?
  • Dropping after the official census day (12th class day in fall and spring, 4th class day in summer) will not result in a refund. You will receive a grade of W (unless you have exceeded the six drop limit – see below).
  • Did you begin taking classes at any Texas public community college, four-year college, or university in the fall of 2007 or later? If so, you are affected by the six drop rule, which limits the number of drops you can make without consequence to six. For the seventh drop and all drops thereafter you will receive the grade of F. See the Six Drop Limit Policy for more information.
  • Are you planning to resign from the University (drop all of your courses)? If so, you CANNOT use the online drop request form.

If you’re sure dropping is the right the right thing to do, proceed to the online drop request form. Please monitor your e-mail for messages regarding your request. If the drop can not be performed, you will be informed by e-mail at the address you provide on the drop form. Be sure to verify that you have been dropped by checking your registration in LoboOnLine (allow 1 business day for processing).