Faculty Assembly

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The Faculty Assembly at Sul Ross State University is the principal faculty governance organization for the Alpine campus. Its constitution designates a number of permanent councils whose primary role is to advise the university's administration on matters relating to the academic mission of the university.

The Faculty Assembly may also appoint special committees to carry out specified tasks. These committees report back to the Faculty Assembly and recommendations are forwarded to the administration through the appropriate council.

The Executive Council shall oversee the general interests and business of the Faculty Assembly. Current Officers are:

Presid​ent: Dr. Kathy Stein, Associate Professor of English

Vice President: Dr. Theron Francis, Assistant Professor of English

Secretary/Treasurer: Betsy Evans, Education and Outreach Librarian

Parlimentarian: Dr. Eric Funasaki, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

At Large: Dr. Christopher Herrera, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

At Large: Dr. David Leaver, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

At Large: Dr. Ryan Luna, Assistant Professor of Natural Resource Management