In order to qualify for college credits, cadets in the current academy must also be students at the university and must be Criminal Justice majors.  They must be college ready (not in need of remedial work) and must be at a stage in their education where they qualify to take Junior and Senior level college courses.  Freshmen do not qualify.

These credits will not be retroactively applied to cadets from previous academies and will not be applied to cadets from academies other than the one at SRSU. Cadets who did not enroll in the courses at the time they were attending the academy are also not eligible to receive these credits.

Academy cadets will need to see the CJ Department Chair for information on which courses they may be eligible to take during their particular academy session.

These courses will allow cadets to be full-time academic students while attending the academy.  This means cadets may be eligible for Financial Aid as a full time student.  The financial aid will cover the cost of tuition for these academic courses.  Any money received beyond the cost of tuition may be applied to academy tuition.  Financial Aid does not directly pay for Academy training.  Students must complete a FASFA for summer and for fall.