The cost of attending the basic police academy is $4,990.00 for tuition. Tuition and other costs are not refundable. Additional costs may include but are not limited to necessary uniforms and supplies. It also does not include the cost of meals and lodging. All training materials and supplies are provided by the Academy, including weapons, handcuffs and classroom supplies. Firearms training is conducted with the Glock .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol. In addition to the pistol, cadets qualify with the 12-gauge shotgun and are familiarized with the AR-15 assault rifle.

Military veterans may be eligible for funding for tuition and living expenses while attending the academy.  To check eligibility contact Rebecca Percoco at 432-837-8048 or at Lawrence Hall #213.

Other financial assistance may be available through the Texas Workforce Commission or other sources, however Financial Aid will not cover the cost of academy tuition.


Other Requirements

Physical fitness is stressed throughout the basic police academy. Several hours are devoted to arrest tactics, takedown techniques and self-defense. Candidates who are unable to participate in strenuous physical activity should not apply to attend the basic police academy.