Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA2)

Unless determined exempt, as of January 11, 2021, all students in the state of Texas are required to complete tests in Math and in English Language Arts (reading and writing) via the Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2, before enrolling in classes.  Contact Admissions at 432-837-8053 / 432-837-8051 to verify that your scores have been received.  Scores must be received at SRSU before a student can register for classes.

The TSIA2 is computer administered, and test scores are available immediately following test completion.  Testing is scheduled by appointment or administered shortly before orientation dates.  Please call the SRSU Testing Center (837-8357 or 837-8178) to schedule a test administration.

There is a $­­45 test fee for initial administration for all sections, (Reading, Writing or Math) or $15 for Math and $30 for ELAR. The same fees apply to re-take any test.  You may re-test as often as you like.

Mandatory Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)


  1. An explanation of the importance of the TSI Assessment (TSIA2)
  2. Tests considered for exemption status
  3. Practice test questions
  4. Developmental education options if you don’t meet the minimum passing standard
  5. Institutional and community resources that can help you succeed as a college student
  6. Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) Completion Link (required before TSIA testing can occur)

Placement exams should be taken seriously. The test determines the student’s preparedness for college-level courses in related subject areas. If the student scores below the requirements, he/she will be placed in appropriate developmental courses in order to prepare him/her for college-level work. These results dictate the required coursework to be added to your degree plan, thus affecting the length of time to degree completion. We recommend that all students take appropriate steps to be prepared for test day, such as getting adequate sleep the night before and eating a good breakfast so that hunger does not become a distraction.

  • ACT:  Composite score of 23 or higher with at least a 19 on the English test and/or Math sections (for a period of 5 years from date of testing).
  • SAT:  Test date prior to March 2016:  Combined Verbal and Math score of 1070 with a minimum of 500 on the Verbal test and/or Math test.
  • SAT:  Test date on or after March 5, 2016:  Minimum score of 480 on the Reading and Writing test; Minimum score of 530 on the Mathematics test.  There is no combined score.
  • SAT:  Scores are useable for a period of 5 years from date of testing.  Mixing scores from prior and post March 2016 is not allowed.
  • TAKS:  Minimum score of 2200 on both the English and/or Math sections with at least a 3 on the writing component of the 11th grade TAKS (for a period of 3 years from the date of testing).
  • STAAR:  Algebra II-Minimum score of 4000 for exemption in Math; English III-Minimum score of 4000 for an exemption in integrated Reading and Writing (for a period of 5 years from date of testing).
  • Transfer coursework:  Successfully completed college-level coursework as determined by SRSU.
  • Military service:  Veterans and active duty personnel serving for at least 3 years preceding enrollment.
  • Re-Test: Students may choose to re-test and submit new scores.
  • Non Course-Based Instruction (NCBI): This two-day review, ending with the common course final, allows you to re-test in one subject area for free. NCBIs are offered a few days before the beginning of each long semester. Contact the Lobo Den (432) 837-8982 for more details and to sign up.
  • Paired Courses: SRSU offers paired courses that allow a student to take his/her required developmental course and a college-level version at the same time. The developmental course works as a supplement for the college level course, allowing the student to potentially complete both in one semester. Paired courses may or may not be required dependent upon the student’s test scores.

Developmental Coursework offered at Sul Ross:

  • ENG 0309 Basic Integrated Reading and Writing
  • ENG 0310 Integrated Reading and Writing
  • MATH 0314 Introduction to College Algebra
  • MATH 0332 Introduction to Contemporary Math
  • MATH 0342 Introduction to Statistical Methods

• Academic Enhancement Seminars

These free, hour-long seminars, offered during long semesters, provide opportunities to learn a variety of study skills needed to succeed in higher education.

• Academic Center for Excellence

Ferguson Hall 213
Phone: (432) 837-8408

• Alpine Public Library-ESL for the Big Bend

805 W. Avenue E, Alpine, TX 79830
(432) 837-2621

• Bryan Wildenthal Memorial Library

at Sul Ross State University
(432) 837-8123

• Campus Activities

Morgan University Center 108
Phone: (432) 837-8191

• Campus Bookstore

Morgan University Center
Phone: (432) 837-8194

• Career Services & Testing Center

Morgan University Center 211C
Phone: (432) 837-8178
Fax: (432) 837-8724

• Child Care & Family Support Center

805 East Lockhart
Alpine, Texas 79830
Phone: (432) 837-0900

• Counseling & Accessibility Services

Ferguson Hall 112
Phone: (432) 837-8203
Fax: (432) 837-8363

• Financial Aid

Lawrence Hall 100
Phone: (432) 837-8050
Fax: (432) 837-841

• Lobo Den - Alpine

BWML- 125
Phone: (432) 837-8982

• Records and Registration

Lawrence Hall 100
Phone: (432) 837-8050
Fax: (432) 837-8411

• Recreational Programs

Graves-Pierce Gymnasium
Phone: (432) 837-8792

• Student Government Association

Morgan University Center 201
Phone: (432) 837-8198
SGA President –

• Student Health Services

Morgan University Center 211
Phone: (432) 837-8102

• Student Publications

• Student Support Services

Ferguson Hall 105
Phone: (432) 837-8118
Fax: (432) 837-8363

• University Dept. of Public Safety

Briscoe Administrative Building 100
Emergencies:  (432) 837-8100
Office: (432) 837–8011