1. I am a Law Enforcement Officer, a Leader and Role Model in any community.  Truthfulness is my Honor.  Fairness to all is my pledge.
  2. My actions and behavior are ALWAYS held to the highest standards.  My actions and behavior will ALWAYS reflect – Professionalism.
  3. Law Enforcement is not a career, it is a lifestyle, it is a calling, it is 24-7, and it is my life.
  4. I understand that my Authority is granted by the People, I will never betray that trust – EVER.
  5. The Constitution is the LAW, it is not a guide or a suggestion, it is in every decision I make.
  6. Self-sacrifice, humility and respect are the core elements of my Duty to serve others – Always.
  7. I am a Law Enforcement Officer – and I am Proud.