Sul Ross State University named the Law Enforcement Academy after the late H. Joaquin Jackson, Retired Texas Ranger and local citizen in the Summer of 2016.

Texas Ranger Haynie Joaquin Jackson’s career in law enforcement spanned over forty years during which he spent countless hours serving the state and attempting to bring justice to its citizens.  For thirteen years, Jackson served as a DPS trooper until his recruitment into the Texas Rangers in 1966.  As a member of the “Garrison Rangers”, Jackson took on modern crime-investigating techniques modeled after the FBI.  He called Uvalde, Texas home for nearly three decades until he made his way to the Big Bend country. During his career in West Texas, he investigated cases ranging from voter fraud in Zavala County, Nazi war criminals along the border, and Mexican drug cartels. Beyond investigations, Jackson assisted musician Johnny Rodriguez in his singing career after arresting him, he helped train Mujahedin fighters in their war against the Soviet Union, and confronted the Newton Boys.

He hung up his Ranger hat at the age of fifty-eight years old and retired in Alpine, Texas.  However, his sense of justice continued to play an important role in his life.  He soon opened up a private investigator office and frequently served as security for movie sets located in the west.  Once his connection was established with the film industry, his next chapter in life began.  He served as inspiration to many writers, directors and actors for what a Texas lawman really was.  He later joined the Screen Actors Guild and became a spokesman for the National Rifle Association. In 2005, he published his memoirs in the bestselling books, One Ranger and followed up with One Ranger Returns.