The Sul Ross State University H. Joaquin Jackson Law Enforcement Academy is a TCOLE certified Training Provider since 1982. It operates a Law Enforcement Academy through a contract with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (Commission / TCOLE). Under provisions of the contract, Texas Occupations Code, and the Texas Administrative Code, the Commission may visit and inspect training providers conducting law enforcement training, and the Commission may make evaluations to determine if the provider is in compliance with Commission rules and state law. A comprehensive onsite evaluation was conducted on November 12, 2019, by a TCOLE Academy and Contract Evaluator (ACE). The Sul Ross State University H. Joaquin Jackson Law Enforcement Academy passed this most recent TCOLE evaluation. The previous evaluation was conducted on December 6, 2016. Academy pass rates were stated as 62.5% in 2017, 79.1% in 2018, and 83.3 in 2019. Since the average rate of the last three fiscal years falls under 80% set by TCOLE §215.13, the academy placed at-risk status.  The Comprehensive Academy Program Evaluation (CAPE) showed that seven (7) key areas were reviewed as listed below.

Area 1.          Requirements under 215.1 – Authorization of Training Providers

Area 2.          Requirements under 215.2 (c) – Academy Staff and Facilities

Area 3.          Requirements under 215.3 (c) (4) and (5) – Academy Sites and Co-sponsors

Area 4.          Requirements under 215.7 – Training Provider Advisory Board

Area 5.          Requirements under 215.9 – Training Coordinator

Area 6.          Requirements under 218.1 – Continuing Education Credit for Licensees

Area 7.          Requirements under Texas Occupations Code 1701 and TCOLE Rule 217.1 – Minimal Standards for Enrollment and Initial Licensure