H. Joaquin Jackson Law Enforcement Academy 2020 – 2021


This page is dedicated to those who are helping our academy cadets succeed while in their training.  Special thanks is owed to many people in the community, not just those who are featured here.  Your support is always appreciated.

Big Bend Sportsman Club – kindly allowing us to use the firing range at their facility

Brewster County Sheriff’s office – providing numerous quality instructors including Deputies Chris Roach, Omar Halguin, and others.

Alpine Police Department – providing facilities and quality instructors including Sgt. Kirk Caughman, Captain Darryl Losoya, Sgt. Aaron Villanueva and Lt. Felipe Fierro for Social Media training.

University Department of Public Safety – providing access to facilities, ID cards, parking permits, etc. in a timely fashion, and quality instruction by Sgt. Omar Madrid, Sgt. Andrea Tucker, Officer Vernon Tucker, and Director Kent Dunegan.

Brewster County Office of Emergency Management- Stephanie Elmore for her offering his experience and knowledge of instructing classes

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission- Kayla Vera for her offering his experience and knowledge of instructing classes

University Library Staff – willingness to provide facilities and attendance record service for cadet study needs.

University Registrar’s, Cashier’s, and BlackBoard Offices for helping the cadets to access Web Instruction tool and admission process

83rd District Attorney – providing experienced quality instructors such as 83rd District Attorney Sandy Wilson herself.

Texas DPS Sgt. Robert Orr – offering his experience and knowledge of instructing classes.

Judith Pardo – for offering her experience and knowledge to instruct the cadets for Spanish Courses

SRSU Recreational Programs and Kinesiology Department- providing access to facilities and quality instruction by Mr. Antuan Washington, Mr. Richard Trevino, and Dr. Chris Herrera