The following are links to help you get started using SRSU Blackboard. More information can be found by accessing your How to Use Blackboard – Student Orientation site within SRSU Blackboard (see below).

Blackboard Student Orientation Quickstart Blackboard Tools & Features
How to:

Important Info on your student A# and PIN: Always capitalize the “A” when you are typing in your A# (to log into Lobo Online for instance). The first time you use your PIN, it will be your date of birth: MMDDYY. If your PIN needs to be reset, you’ll need to contact our Lobo Technology Assistance Center (LTAC). Our LTAC (OIT Helpdesk) contact info is on the banner at the bottom of this webpage.

Find more Blackboard student support information on the SRSU Blackboard login page. You may also login to SRSU Blackboard using the TSUS Blackboard Portal Page

The SRSU Blackboard Online Support Desk
is where you can direct all your Blackboard technical questions such as  problems submitting a document to an assignment, trouble getting videos to play, or dealing with a technical error in your Blackboard course.  The Blackboard technical support desk is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week for your convenience.  To reach the support desk:

The SRSU “How to Use Blackboard – Student Orientation” site is available for all SRSU students to access within Blackboard. The site contains the following information:
  • Blackboard student support information
  • Recommendations and guides for our new online learning students
  • Blackboard student orientation modules
  • Blackboard videos and how-to’s covering the most used Blackboard tools & features
  • Info and videos on participating in Blackboard Collaborate online lectures & meetings

To access your “How to Use Blackboard – Student Orientation”

Once you log into SRSU Blackboard and are on the new SRSU Blackboard landing screen, scroll down to your “Student Central” module and look for the “How To Use Blackboard – Student Orientation” link.

If you are having trouble finding or accessing the How to Use Blackboard – Student Orientation site, please let us know at:

Do you have an Online Support Desk (SRSU Blackboard) issue or an LTAC (all other SRSU technology) issue?

Academic Affairs / Instructional Services

    • BAB 104
    • PO Box C-6
    • Alpine TX 79832
  • 888-837-6055 | 432-837-8525