The following guidelines are available and highlight the standards used at Sul Ross for specific areas related to information resources at the institution.

  • Password Guide – This guidelines outlines password requirements and suggestions for Sul Ross information resources
  • Data Classification Guide – Outlines the data classifications that are applied to all data information resources
  • Data Destruction Guideline  – To ensure that Confidential or Sensitive data is removed when equipment is removed from service or otherwise disposed of
  • User Account Eligibility – Clarifies who can and will be granted rights and access privileges to SRSU information technology resources
  • Virtual Private Network Access – Requirements for VPN access
  • Computer Hardware Standards – Information on standard hardware and the process for requesting hardware
  • Local Admin Rights – In accordance with SRSU’s Administrator Access Policy (APM 7.12), all requests for administrative access credentials must be evaluated and approved by the Office of Information Technology (OIT).  SRSU faculty and staff are required to briefly describe, justify, and document their request for administrative access credentials with a Local Administrator Access Form, available from OIT.  Administrative and other special-access accounts may have extended and overarching privileges, therefore, these accounts are restricted and granted only to those with an academic or business justification.  The process of granting, controlling, and monitoring these accounts is extremely important to the overall SRSU Information Security Program.  Accordingly, administrative access credentials may be audited for compliance and revoked by OIT at any time.
  • Email Forwarding – SRSU does not permit email to be forwarded to external accounts


Office of Information Technology

  • ACR Building – Alpine Campus
  • PO Box C-81
  • Alpine TX 79832
  • Room 304 – Del Rio Campus
  • Room D119 – Eagle Pass Campus
  • B106 – Uvalde Campus

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