FALL 2022 Registration Notice

Regular registration will close at 5 pm on Friday, August 19, 2022.

Late registration will open at 8 am on Monday, August 22, 2022.

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RGC students contact RGC Academic Advising at (830)758-5005 or rgcinfo@sulross.edu

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow a remote user to connect to the Sul Ross network and have the
same or similar experience they would have if they were on one of our campuses and connected directly
to a network port or the wireless system. Due to the risk associated with this kind of access, certain
technology items must be in place before a user is allowed to access the institution’s VPN.

  1. Only state-owned assets, desktops, laptops and tablets, are permitted to connect to the
    institution’s VPN. No personal devices are permitted to connect to the network via this method
    nor are they allowed to connect to services that are not already available through the internet.
  2. Any asset that connects to the VPN must have updated security software installed with a valid
    and up to date license. This prevents the introduction of malware or other unwanted programs
    into the Sul Ross State University environment.
  3. An Operating System (OS) with a valid and up to date license is required to connect to the
    VPN. This is an issue that is at the discretion of the CIO/ISO and the Information Security
    team. If the asset you intend to connect to VPN does not meet this requirement, OIT will assist
    to update the asset.
  4. A special account is to be used for this access. Your regular LoboID will not allow you to connect
    to VPN. If you need an account to connect to VPN and the previous three requirements have
    been met, OIT will create the specific account and password for you. Please be aware these
    special VPN accounts have a different password expiration date than normal AD accounts. You
    are expected to keep this password changed frequently and use complex and lengthy passwords
    for this account.
  5. Coming Soon: the use of a VPN account at Sul Ross State University requires Two Factor
    Authentication (2FA) using an approved multi-factor engine.

Office of Information Technology

  • ACR Building – Alpine Campus
  • PO Box C-81
  • Alpine TX 79832
  • Room 304 – Del Rio Campus
  • Room D119 – Eagle Pass Campus
  • B106 – Uvalde Campus

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