Forms for Faculty

Change of Information Form
Use this form if a student needs to change their mailing address, undergraduate major, catalog term, or advisor. This form is also used for correcting a Student ID number and performing name changes. Name changes or corrections require supporting documentation. The completed form should be delivered to the Center for Enrollment Services, Lawrence Hall, Room 100.
Classroom Profile Form
Complete this form for each new classroom or off campus site that will be listed in the class schedule. All blanks must be completed. Submit to the Registrar for input into classroom inventory.
Course Section Request
This form must be used when adding a course that was not in the original class schedule or to change an existing course section. All of the information and approvals must be provided before a course section will be established in the Student Information System. The request should approved by your Department Chair and Dean. Approved requests should be submitted to the Center for Enrollment Services.
Excessive Absences
     Complete this form and submit to the Office of the Provost by the published deadline.
Faculty Data Form
Complete this form for each new full or part time faculty member. All blanks must be completed. Submit to the Associate Registrar, LH 213, for input into faculty database.
Grade Change Request Form
Use this form to change a posted grade to an A, B, C, D, F, or I. The university does not allow changing a grade to any other designation without consultation with your Dean and the Registrar. Change of Grade Request forms are accepted directly from the faculty only.The Center for Enrollment Services does not accept forms from students or student assistants.
Grade of Incomplete Agreement Form
Use this form to document the agreement between faculty and student for a grade of I (incomplete).
NG Grade Option Form
Use this form to request the "no grade" option for a specific course section. This request must be submitted to the Center for Enrollment Services before the Official Census Date each semester. This is a binding decision and cannot be reversed. The completed form should be delivered to the Associate Registrar, Lawrence Hall, Room 213.
Permit to Audit
Use this form if you wish to audit a course. Students must obtain permission of the instructor, the chairman of the department, and the Director of Records and Registration. Students may not audit a laboratory-type or activity course or a graduate level course. Those who audit a course do not have the privilege of participating in class in any way; they audit for the purpose of seeing or hearing only. The audit fee is $50 for each course audited. No registration for audit can be completed until the first day of classes.
Reclassification of Residence Status
Non-resident students who request a re-evaluation of their residency status, for tuition and fee purposes, must complete this form, provide the requested supporting documentation, and submit the packet to the Registrar for review. This request must be submitted before the Official Census Date for the term in which the request is made. The completed form should be delivered to the Registrar, Lawrence Hall, Room 213.
Request for Substitution of Degree Requirements
Complete this form to request substitutions on undergraduate and graduate degree plans and/or articulation and application of graduate transfer credit on graduate degree plans. Substitutions to core curriculum are NOT permitted.
Request for Tuition Rebate
Review the policy and procedures for eligibility to receive the tuition rebate. If you believe the student qualifies, have the student complete the form and submit it to your academic dean for processing.
Request for Undergraduate to Enroll in Graduate Classes
An undergraduate who is within twelve (12) semester hours of graduating with a bachelor's degree may request permission to enroll in graduate level classes. First, the student must complete a Sul Ross State University Graduate Application for Admission for the term after the expected graduation date. After the form is completed and signed by the student, the advisor must approve, and the signature of the Academic Dean must be secured. The completed form should be delivered to the the Office of Records and Registration, Lawrence Hall, Room 213.
Request to Withhold or Reverse Witholding of Directory Information
In accordance with the Family Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 as amended, a student has the right to request the non-disclosure of all directory information. This form may be used to request withholding of directory information or the reversal of wihthholding. By completing a withholding request, no directory information about the student will be released, enrollment acknowledged or published in a university publication or news release without specific written consent. Any inquiries by outside agencies or individuals will not be acknowledged or verified. This request is permanent until such time the student submits a written request to cancel non-disclosure of directory information.
Schedule Change (Drop/Add Form)
Use this from to drop or add a class during registration. This form may also be used to drop a course(s) during the semester. Drops and adds are not official until this form has been processed by the Office of the Registrar and any additional tuition and fees have been paid in the Cashier's Office. The completed form should be delivered to the Center for Enrollment Services, Lawrence Hall, Room 100. Do not use this form if the student is withdrawing from all courses for the semester. The student should be directed to Withdrawal From ALL Classes for the appropriate form and instructions.

State law requires that you be informed of the following: (1) you are entitled to request to be informed about the information about yourself collected by use of this form (with a few exceptions as provided by law); (2) you are entitled to receive and review that information; and (3) you are entitled to have the information corrected at not charge to you.