Forthcoming Course Offerings/Textbook Listing



CRN # Class # Section Class Name Instructor Day Time Room #
31079 CJ 2321 W01 Special Topics:  Paraphilia Understanding Necrophilia Ware, L. WEB TBA TBA
31081 CJ 4322 W01 Topics in Homeland Security Glenn, T. WEB TBA TBA
31080 CJ 4331 W01 Legal Issues in Criminal Justice Ware, L. WEB TBA TBA
31083 CJ 5305 W01 White Collar Crime Glenn, T. WEB TBA TBA
31082 CJ 5328 W01 Seminar on Transnational Crimes Basibuyuk, O. WEB TBA TBA


CRN # Class # Section Class Name Instructor Day Time Room #
41080 CJ 2350 SW1 Current Issues in Criminal Justice Ware, L. WEB TBA TBA
41081 CJ 3311 SW1 Women and Crime Ware, L. WEB TBA TBA
41082 CJ 4365 SW1 Cyber Warfare Glenn, T. WEB TBA TBA
41083 CJ 5337 SW1 Seminar in International Terrorism Basibuyuk, O. WEB TBA TBA
41084 CJ 5338 SW1 Cybersecurity Glenn, T. WEB TBA TBA




CRN # Class # Class Name Instructor Day Time Room #
10187 CJ 1301 Intro to Criminal Justice Basibuyuk, Oguzhan TTR 9:30 - 10:45 MAB 107
10188 CJ 2321 Sex Crimes Ware, Liza MWF 11:00 - 11:50 MAB 107
10189 CJ 2350 Current Issues in Criminal Justice Barak, Shaun WEB    
10190 CJ 2360 Intro to Cybercrime Glenn, Thea WEB    
10191 CJ 3304 Wildlife Law Enforcement Scown, Russell WEB    
10192 CJ 3316 Domestic Violence Ware, Liza MWF 9:00 - 9:50 MAB 107
10194 CJ 4301 Multicultural Studies in Criminal Justice Ware, Liza TTR 11:00 - 12:15 MAB 108
10195 CJ 4302 Crime Mapping Basibuyuk, Oguzhan TTR 12:30 - 1:45 ACR 203
10196 CJ 4304 Criminology Barrientes, Benjamin WEB    
10197 CJ 4306 Gangs Barak, Shaun WEB    
10198 CJ 4309 Senior Seminar Pearson-Atkinston, Arleene WEB    
10199 CJ 4310 Deviant Subcultures Ware, Liza WEB    
10200 CJ 4319 School Violence Pearson-Atkinston, Arleene WEB    
10202 CJ 4330 Law Enforcement Administration Scown, Russell WEB    
10969 CJ 5313 Seminar in Policing Gunes, Ismail WEB    
10207 CJ 5315 Seminar in Courts and Judiciary Quibodeaux, L WEB    
10208 CJ 5318 Seminar in Criminal Justice Theory Gunes, Ismail WEB    
10209 CJ 5324 Social Deviance Gunes, Ismail WEB    
10210 CJ 5327 Graduate Seminar in Homeland Security Obinyan, E WEB    
10212 CJ 5339 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice System Basibuyuk, Oguzhan WEB    
10213 CJ 5362 Criminology of Cybercrime Basibuyuk, Oguzhan WEB    


* We will update list continuously as information becomes available.


Class: CJ 2321-Special Topics:  Paraphilia Understanding Necrophilia
Book Title: Understanding Necrophilia A Global
Author: Mellor & Aggarwal
Publisher: Cognella
Edition: First
Status: ISBN: 9781631899683

Class: CJ 4331-Legal Issues in Criminal Justice
Book Title: Crime Policy in America
Author: Shahidullah
Edition: Second
ISBN: 978076186656

Class:  CJ 5328-Seminar on Transnational Crimes
No required book. Reading materials will be provided by the instructor


Class: CJ 2350-Current Issues in Criminal Justice
Author: WALKER
Publisher: SAGE
Edition: 3RD 20
ISBN: 9781544339177

Class CJ 3311-Women and Crime
Publisher: W KLUWER
Edition: 14
ISBN: 9781454828099

Class:  CJ 5337-Seminar on International Terrorism
Book Title: Terrorism and Homeland Security
Author: Jonathan R. White
ISBN: 978-1305633773


Class: CJ 1301-Introduction to Criminal Justice (Same book for both Dr. Oguzhan Basibuyuk's and Dr. Ismail Gunes' class.)
Book Title: Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century
Author: Frank Schmalleger
ISBN: 978-0134749754

Class:  CJ 2321-Sex Crimes
Book Title: Sex Offenders:  Crime and Processing In
Author:  Maddan Sean
Publisher: LIPP/W+W
ISBN-13: 978-1454850342

Class:  CJ 2350-Current Issues in Criminal Justice
Book Title:  Crime and Criminal Justice Concepts, Concepts and Controversies, 2nd Edition
Author:  Stacy L. Mallicoat
Publisher:  Sage
ISBN-13:  978-1544338972

Class:  CJ 2360-Intro to Cybercrime
Book Title:  Cybercrime and Society
Author:  Majid Yar, Kevin F. Steinmetz
Edition:  3rd Edition
Publisher:  SAGE Publications
ISBN-13: 978-1446201947  - hard copy
ISBN-10: 1446201945 - e-copy

Class:  CJ 3304-Wildlife Law Enforcement
Book Title:  Wildlife Law Enforcement
Author:  William F. Sigler
Edition:  4th Edition
Publisher:  McGraw Hill Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0697202697

Class:  CJ 3316-Domestic Violence
Book Title: Heavy Hands:  Family + Intimate Partner
Author:  Gosselin (6th Edition)
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN-13: 978-0134868219

Class:  CJ 4301-Multicultural Studies in Criminal Justice
Book Title: Multiculturalism, Crime, + Crim. Justice
Author:  McNamara
Publisher: OXF (18th Edition)
ISBN-13: 978-0190642631

Class:  CJ 4302-Crime Mapping
Book Title: GIS for Public Safety: An Annotated Guide to ArcGIS Tools and Procedures. Newark, NJ: Rutgers Center on Public Security.
Author: Caplan, J. M.

Class:  CJ 4304-Criminology
Book Title: Criminological Theory, A Text/Reader
Author:  Stephen G. Tibbetts and Craig Hemmens, (3rd Edition)
Publisher: Sage
ISBN-13: 978-1506367828

Class:  CJ 4306-Gangs
Book Title: Gangs in America's Communities (3rd Edition)
Author:  James Howell, Elizabeth Griffiths
Publisher: Sage
ISBN-13: 978-1544300221

Class:  CJ 4309-Senior Seminar
Book Title: Essentials of Criminal Justice
Author:  Larry J. Siegel, John L. Worrall (11th Edition)
ISBN-13: 978-1337557771

Class:  CJ 4310-Deviant Subcultures
Book Title: Beviant Behavior (Looseleaf)
Author:  THIO (12th Edition)
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN-13: 978-0134627090

Class:  CJ 4319-School Violence  (2 Books for this Course)
Book Title: Violence Among Students and School Staff: Understanding and Preventing the Causes of School Violence
Author:  Sean M. Brooks, PH.D.
Publisher: CSI Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1539803621 


Book Title:  Why Kids Kill:  Inside the Minds of School Shooters
Author: Peter Langman, Ph.D.
Publisher:  St. Martin's Press
ISBN-13: 978-0230101487

Class:  CJ 4330-Law Enforcement Administration
Book Title:  Police Administration
Author:  Larry K Gaines and John L. Worrall
Edition:  3rd Edition
Publisher:  Delmar Cengage Learning
ISBN-13: 978-1439056394

Class:  CJ 5313-Seminar in Policing
Book Title: Police Innovation:  Contrasting Perspectives
Author: Weisburd, D. & Braga A. (2006)
Publisher: New York-Cambridge University Press
ISBN:  978-0804762595

Class:  CJ 5315-Seminar in Courts and Judiciary
Book Title: Criminal Courts:  A Contemporary Perspective (3rd Edition)
Author: Hemmes, C., Brody, D.C., & Spohn, C. (2017)
Publisher: Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA
ISBN:  978-1506306575

Class:  CJ 5318-Seminar in Criminal Justice Theory
Book Title: Introduction to Criminal Justice: A Sociological Perspective
Author: Kubrin, Charis E. & Thomas Stucky (2013)
Publisher: Stanford, CA-Standford University Press
ISBN:  978-0521544832

Class:  CJ 5323-Homeland Security
Book Title: Understanding Terrorism
Author:  Gus Martin
Publisher:  Sage
ISBN: 978-1506385815

Class:  CJ 5324-Social Deviance
Book Title: Criminological Theory: Past to Present, Essential Readings, 5th Edition
Author: Francis T. Cullen, Robert Agnew & Pamela Wilcox (2013)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN:  978-0199301119

Class:  CJ 5327-Graduate Seminar in Homeland Security
Book Title: Terrorism and Homeland Security, 9th Edition
Author: Jonathank R. White (2017)
Publisher: Cengage Learning, Boston, MA
ISBN:  978-1305633773

Class:  CJ 5339-Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice System
Book Title: Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice, 10th Edition
Author: Joycelyn M. Pollock
ISBN: 978-1337558495

Class:  CJ 5362-Criminology of Cybercrime
Book Title: Cybercriminology
Author: Marie-Helen Maras
ISBN: 9780190278441