Emergency Alerts


The latest COVID-19 Updates and information are available at https://srinfo.sulross.edu/covid-19/ 


Lobo Lookout is an emergency notification system that allows for email, phone and text messages to be sent directly to your email account, land line or cellular phone.

Sul Ross State University provides Lobo Lookout at no charge and has registered all users into the system using their “@sulross.edu” email address and your cellular phone number, if available.  (*NOTE-depending on your texting plan you are responsible for any additional text charges from your provider)

Each individual can update their Lobo Lookout contact information using LoboOnline under the My SRSU tab on the Sul Ross website (http://www.sulross.edu).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Lobo Lookout system be tested?

The Lobo Lookout system will be tested at certain times each semester to verify subscriptions to the system and to ensure that the system is working properly.

How many text messages will I be receiving if I sign up?

You will only receive text messages during an emergency situation or during a planned test. During an emergency we cannot say how many will be sent but you will always receive at least two, one telling you of the emergency and one telling you the emergency has ended. You will not be spammed.  We do not send out ads, reminder dates, payment reminders, tips, etc.

What does Lobo Lookout cost me and does the university pay for the text message sent to my phone?

Lobo Lookout is provided to you at no additional cost. You are however responsible for any cost associated with receiving the text message on your phone.

What will the text messages say when I receive them?

All messages sent from Lobo Lookout have the words, “LoboAlert” at the beginning of the message.  The messages will vary in content but will ALWAYS have the words “LoboAlert” in the message. A TIP for messages received on your cellular phone: If you save the code “23177” in your phone contacts as “LoboAlert” your phone identifies the caller ID of the text as such.

How do I know if a message is real?

All messages sent from Lobo Lookout have the words “LoboAlert” in the message formatting. You should may see  multiple types of messages ie: text, email, web page change. We do not just send a message to one media type, we always notify the community using multiple avenues.  

Ok, I received a message so now what do I do?

The message will contain basic information on what to do, ie: shelter in place, go indoors, avoid an area, follow those directions. If you are in class the instructor/professor will be able to provide additional guidance.



UDPS Communications, Hours and Emergencies

The University Department of Public Safety houses the communications office, which is open seven days a week and manned by an average of nine students trained in basic communications services. Officers and emergency personnel can be reached 24 hours a day by dialing (432) 837-8100 for non emergencies, and 911 for emergencies.

Students also man the campus switchboard and can be reached seven days a week at (432) 837-8011 from 8 a.m.-9 p.m. for assistance with on campus extension information. The departments support staff are available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. to assist students, faculty/staff and visitors with IDs, parking permits and fines, key services and lost and found items.