What is Dual Credit?

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and the Texas Education Agency (TEA), Sul Ross State University offers college credit in approved core curriculum courses for dual credit high school students.  If the high school approves these courses for dual credit, high school students meeting Sul Ross State University admission requirements may enroll in these courses and may receive college and high school credit simultaneously.

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What is a Memorandum of Understanding?

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a formal partnership by two higher education institutions committed to facilitating the seamless transfer of students (on campus and through distance education programs).  These agreements provide for joint services and activities to benefit both institutions and the students who transfer between them.  They are designed to promote an understanding of the importance of a four-year degree, develop departmental and institutional support for transfer student success, encourage and monitor the progression of transferring students, and foster the best possible scenario for degree attainment.

Within each MOU, student admission requirements, student administrative responsibilities, institutional academic/administrative/advising responsibilities, financial aid considerations, facility access, and other forms of administrative responsibilities are described.  Additionally, these agreements often contain Transfer Planning Guides (sometimes called Articulation Agreements or Student Pathways by Program of Study) to facilitate successful and seamless academic transfer pathways for students interested in pursuing a baccalaureate degree from SRSU.

Dual Credit MOUs

Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)

Midland College Agreement

Midland College Fees

Midland College Transfer Planning Guide for Core Curriculum and University Requirements

Midland College Transfer Pathways for the following Programs:

Biology Certification
Computer Science – Cyber Security Concentration
Criminal Justice
English Certification
English Writing Concentration
History Certification
Homeland Security
Interdisciplinary Studies: EC-6 Specialization
Interdisciplinary Studies: ELAR-8 Specialization
Interdisciplinary Studies: Mathematics 4-8 Specialization
Interdisciplinary Studies: Science 4-8 Specialization
Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Studies 4-8 Specialization
Mathematics Certification
Spanish Certification