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Fall 2023 Live Brown Bag Event Handouts

Live Brown Bag Presenter Info Handout PDF (Alpine campus 10102023)
Live Brown Bag Presenter Info Handout PDF (Eagle Pass campus 11022023)
Virtual Brown Bag Presenter Info Handout PDF (All campuses 11172023)

SRSU Blackboard Instructor Choice Mode & Ultra Migration Timeline Info – Spring 2024
Using Instructor Choice Mode to Convert Your Course to Ultra video
SHSU-SRSU Ultra Migration Timeline webpage

Fall 2023 Live Brown Bag Events – New Blackboard Tools & Features Update:

(1) now integrated intro SRSU Blackboard
Sul Ross State University now provides all online students with access to, which offers 24/7, no-cost, 1-to-1 tutoring in multiple subjects and disciplines. Log in to through Blackboard, and quickly connect with an expert tutor who can help you with whatever you’re working on—anytime, anywhere, from any internet-connected device.

For more information:  Contact Estella Vega at or call ext. Resources and Information: website – Orientation Videos: Student Orientation / Faculty Orientation
Writing Center Resource for Students:
This is a separate resource that your students can use. There is also an academic integrity center here as well. YouTube Channel:
All recorded training videos and webinars for are located here. 

(2)New Artificial Intelligence features in Blackboard Ultra
The AI Blackboard feature became available on September 8th, 2023 in Blackboard Ultra courses!
The Artificial Intelligence feature will help instructors save time and effort by generating Learning modules, assessments, rubrics and even images based on the content of the course.

AI Design Assistant features include (click links for video walk-throughs):
Auto-Generate Learning Modules
Learning Module Images (Suggestions from Unsplash and Generate)
Generate Test Questions
Generate Question Banks from Ultra Documents
Generate Rubrics

Watch this video and discover how Intelligent Experiences are delivered in Blackboard Learn Ultra:

Spring 2023 Live Brown Bag Event Handouts

Live Brown Bag Presenter Info Handout PDF (Alpine campus 02242023)

Live Brown Bag Presenter Info Handout PDF (Uvalde campus 03032023)

Virtual Brown Bag Presenter Info Handout PDF (All Campuses 05052023)

Spring 2023 Live Brown Bag Events – Making the Move to Blackboard Ultra Course View

Reach out to one of our SRSU Instructional Designers this fall and ask to move a course into a Blackboard sandbox so you can preview it in the Ultra Course View (to teach in summer/fall 2023):
OR contact our 24/7 Online Support or call toll-free at 888.837.6055

Bb Ultra Quickstart Guide PDF

Bb Ultra Course Copy Guide PDF

Blackboard Ultra Road Map PDF

Fall 2022 Live Brown Bag Events – Blackboard Tools for Student Retention at SRSU

(1)The Blackboard Retention Center

The Blackboard Retention Center helps you discover which students in your course are at risk. Based on default rules and rules you create, students’ engagement and participation are visually displayed, quickly alerting you to potential risk. From the Retention Center, you can communicate with struggling students and help them take immediate action for improvement.
For more information on the Blackboard Retention Center (Original Course View Only):

ALSO –View “The Retention Center in Blackboard” webinar recording found in your “SRSU Faculty Central – Teaching Online with Blackboard” area “BB Original -Webinar Recordings” Folder.

(2)The Blackboard Attendance Tool
Many instructors who teach face-to-face and blended courses use attendance data as part of their students’ overall grades. Also, some institutions and programs have attendance policies that require instructors to track the number of class meetings students have missed and use attendance to focus on student retention. With the Attendance tool activated, you can mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused. The attendance records for each student appear in a single column next to assignment grades. You can also use attendance as part of grade calculations just as you can for an assignment grade column.
For more information on the Attendance Tool:
Original Course View:

Ultra Course View:

The Blackboard Impact Course Report(previously EesySoft)

With the Impact Course Report, you can access course activity key figures, tool adoption metrics and user activity reports. With this report, you will be able to see which students are visiting your course, reading your announcements, viewing your content, and how often they are accessing your course tools within a specific time period. Impact Course Reports allow you to track how your students are accessing content and tools in your course and can be used to identify students who may need extra support.

For more on the Blackboard Impact Course Report Tool (Original & Ultra Course View):
November SHSU Online Webinar:Ultra Course View: Tips and Tricks – 11/1 @ 3pm, 11/9 @ 3pm
Strategies and practices to make your life easier when you are teaching an Ultra Course View. This webinar covers:Evaluating student activity (student progress, Impact Course Reports), Release conditions, Moving course content, Video feedback, and more!

For help setting up or utilizing any of the above Blackboard tools for student retention in your course:Contact SHSU Online’s Jacob Spradlin for Digital Teaching How-to By Appointment Sign-up for a “by appointment” webinar at a time/day that works for you. Just visit our Faculty Development Sign-up page, use the Sessions drop-down menu, and select“Choose Me for By Appointment Sessions”.
OR contact our 24/7 Online Support Desk
blackboardsupport@sulross.eduor call toll-free at 888.837.6055

Summer 2022 Brown Bag Event – Spotlight on LinkedIn Learning for SRSU

Virtual Brown Bag Info Handout PDF (all campuses 07292022)
Virtual Brown Bag Recorded Video (all campuses 07292022)

SRSU/SHSU Team Blackboard Spotlight: LinkedIn Learning for SRSU
We discussed a new SRSU learning resource, LinkedIn Learning, which will provide 13,000 online training courses over all areas and will be available to SRSU faculty, staff, and students through Blackboard (thanks to our Shared Services Partnership with SHSU). LinkedIn Learning content or resources can also be integrated into a a Blackboard course for students to interact with as an assignment or for informational/training content.

SHSU Online LinkedIn Learning FAQ
LinkedIn Learning Instructor’s Guide

For more information:
Reach out to your SRSU Instructional Designers for help with LinkedIn Learning resource pairing with your Blackboard course.


Visit our newly updated “Teaching Online with Blackboard” Instructor Resource Site where you can find support material and how-to videos on using original and Ultra version Blackboard.

To access our new “Teaching Online with Blackboard” instructor resource site within Blackboard, choose “Organizations” from the Blackboard landing page menu and look for the Faculty Central TOWB Org course in your content area (you can also find it in your Faculty Central module on the institutional landing page).In the TOWB course you will find the following resources:
-Faculty and Staff Services– Sign up for Digital Teaching webinars or access training thruLinkedIn Learning!
Bb Ultra Quickstart Guides, Blackboard Original & Ultra Help from A-Z
-SHSU Online Webinar RecordingsIn the “Webinar Recordings”folder you’ll find the latest recorded SHSU Online webinars (under both “Ultra” and “Original” webinar recording folders),such as:

  • Introducing Ultra Base Navigation for Blackboard
  • Getting Your Bb Course Ultra Ready
  • Grading in Blackboard Ultra
  • VoiceThread in Blackboard – Media Rich Discussions and More(original Blackboard)
  • Blackboard Instructor Boot Camp – Original Course Template/Resource Walkthrough(original Blackboard)

.. and so much more in the new SRSU “Teaching Online with Blackboard” instructor resource site!


1st & 2nd Spring 2022 Brown Bag Event – Spotlight on Blackboard Ultra Course View 

Spring 2022 Brown Bag Presentation Info PDF – 02/25/2022
Coming this summer, we will be moving to a streamlined Blackboard Ultra landing page, and by no later than the start of fall 2022 the Blackboard Ultra course view will available for SRSU Bb courses.

For more information:
Go to the SHSU Online Blackboard Learn Ultra Transition to Base Navigation resource website:
Spotlight website page: Is the Ultra Course View Right for Me?


Fall 2021 Brown Bag Event – Spotlight on Blackboard Test Management, Test Integrity, and Retention Tools 

 Respondus Campus Wide / Lockdown Browser /Monitor Resources
Here are some resource links on using Respondus Campus Wide, the Lockdown Browser, and Monitor:




Part of effective communication with your students lies in the explanation of assessment and evaluation of student work. The Rubric is an assessment tool that lists evaluation criteria for an assignment, and provides a means to convey to students your expectations for the quality of completed assignments. This tool is an effective means to enhance an online instructor’s communication strategy.

SRSU QEP Mapped Class Cardinal Rubric 2020

This rubric is specifically designed to evaluate communication in an academic environment to determine that the central message is conveyed, reinforced by multiple supporting materials and purposefully organized.

SRSU QEP Cardinal Rubric 2020 PDF

WEBLINK: SHSU Online Course Design Rubric Information Page
On this SHSU Online webpage youll find access to and information about the SHSU Online Course Design Rubric. The SHSU Online Course Design Rubric is an evaluation tool used when a new course is being developed, and it is also what the online faculty certification is built around (along with the online course template). There is a also Online Course Design Rubric with Feedback which is a summary sheet we use for reporting outside of the relationship between the instructional designer and the faculty member.

SHSU Online Course Design Rubric

Online Course Design Rubric with Feedback

Notable Online Course Design Rubrics

The SUNY Online Course Quality Review Rubric (OSCQR)

Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Rubric

California OEI Course Design Rubric

Create Your Own Rubrics in Blackboard

The Blackboard Rubric is an assessment tool that lists evaluation criteria for an assignment, and provides a means to convey to students your expectations for the quality of completed assignments. This tool is an effective means to enhance an online instructor’s communication strategy. The Blackboard Rubric tool is important for three reasons: (1) Using a Blackboard Rubric Clears up any Grading Ambiguity for Students (2) Using a Blackboard Rubric Makes Grading Easier and Consistent (3) Using a Blackboard Rubric Lets Students Know What they Need to Succeed. Blackboard Rubrics can be associated with:

– Assignments
– Essay, Short Answer and File Response test questions
– Blogs and Journals
– Wikis
– Discussion board forums and threads

Blackboard Learn Info & Videos – Blackboard Rubrics 

Example Rubrics Found On The Web:

Discussion Board Rubrics

Written Assignment Rubrics

Blog Rubrics

Wiki Rubrics


(Many thanks to Jacob Spradlin’s SHSUOnline eLearning Support Blog @ SHSU post “The Importance of Rubrics in Blackboard Courses” )

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