Sul Ross State University requires current mailing addresses for students. Below is a list of the various address types currently in use and how they are used by Sul Ross State University.

Permanent Address

Your permanent address is a mailing address at which you can be contacted indefinitely. This address was collected from your application for admission and may be a parent’s address (although it does not have to be). This address can be viewed but not updated in LoboOnLine. Students must submit a Change of Information Form to change the permanent address.
How this address is used:
• If a student does not elect to receive the 1098T electronically, Sul Ross will use this address for mailing of the 1098T (an important tax document).
• If a local mailing address is not provided or invalid, the permanent address will be used for official communication regarding your status at Sul Ross (see below).

Local Mailing Address

Your local mailing address is the address at which you receive mail. This may be a temporary Alpine address but could also be the same as your permanent address. This address can and should be updated in LoboOnLine as your mailing address changes. For instance, a student may elect to receive mail at a campus post office box during the fall and spring semester, but have mail go to a different address in the summer.
How this address is used:
• Sul Ross will use this address preferentially for all official communication (intended for your eyes only) regarding your status at Sul Ross (financial aid notifications and refunds, academic standing information, disciplinary actions, etc.).
• If a local address is not provided, invalid, or inactivated, the permanent address will be used for official communication. If you do not want official communication going to someone other than you, make sure you keep your local address current.

Mailing Address (Employees Only)

Employees (including student workers) are required to maintain a current and accurate mailing address for the purpose of mailing W-2 forms. This address type can be viewed and updated by the employee in LoboOnLine.
How to Submit a Change of Address in LoboOnLine
  1. Go to the LoboOnLine page and select Log In – Registration (use your Student ID and the PIN), just like you would do to register. (If you don’t have your PIN – please read section below.)
  2. On the main menu page, select Personal Information, click on Update Addresses. Then you can select to edit an existing address or add a new one. (Click HERE for detailed instructions.)
  3. Make the necessary corrections and cl Submit.
  4. These changes are instantaneous in our Student Information System.

How to Get Your Pin

The Center for Enrollment Services provides PINs in an official welcome letter sent to students immediately after admission to Sul Ross.  If you did not receive this letter, or perhaps misplaced your PIN, see the Office of Information Technoloy (OIT) Online Accounts page for instructions on retrieving your PIN.

Change of Address Using the Change of Information Form

You may also change your address using the Change of Information Form.  Stop by the Office of the Registrar to complete this form in person. Or print the form, and mail the completed form to: Sul Ross State University, Office of the Registrar, Box C-2, Alpine, TX 79832.